What does AlphaLion do?

Who are we?

AlphaLion Technologies, Inc. provides distributed software solutions to its customers. Our decentralized software provides our clients with Bitcoin 2.0 Crypto-currency technologies, Reward Points Systems, Distributed Autonomous Corporations (DAx), Smart Contracts; Anonymous Chat & Bit Messaging solutions; Smart Shopping, Smart Property Agreements, Decentralized Storage, and Distributed Autonomous Organizations & Voting (DAo). These technologies integrate seamlessly across our universal Web-wallet, mobile apps and desktops clients.


As the world moves towards decentralized technologies; AlphaLion Technologies, Inc. strives to give both the unbanked and banked populations new possibilities to participate in the financial and privacy paradigm shift towards human equality.

Privacy & Security

Private and compliant architecture provides a platform that guarantees anonymity and a paperless trail. Even an AlphaLion Transaction server cannot alter balances or duplicate signatures. Only users have the ability to sign receipts. This gives all concerned parties the ability to identify which transactions and financial instruments have been sanctioned at any given time.

Bitcoin 2.0 Crypto-currency


AlphaLion Technologies’ gives organizations the ability to create and issue digital crypto-currency with the option of backing them with assets.


Key Features

Speed – Instant transaction execution at 1/10th of a second
Trust – Zero bilateral risk
Reach – Global, send digital assets anywhere in the world
Multi-functional – Supports a myriad of markets, assets and financial instruments
Peer to Peer – No third party requirement
Private – Secure identity, KYC compliance functionality
Automated –  Algorithmic execution of payments and contracts
Security – Inimitable orders, 100% secure wallets
Capacity – Scalable to millions of concurrent transactions


for web, mobile and desktop

AnonChat and BitMessaging Client

Global Remittances & Micropayments

AlphaLion Technologies gives the unbanked and banked populations the ability to send crypto-currency worldwide via email messaging and SMS text without using financial institutions or money transfer companies as intermediaries, thereby streamlining the entire transferring process. The cost associated with these transactions now makes it financially viable to send a recipient as little as 1 cent, irrespective of their location, as the financial barrier to entry has been lowered to a nominal cost, a fraction of the current price point. Our solution delivers a better, faster, cheaper system to send crypto-currency worldwide.